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The Best Elie Saab Perfumes

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Elie Saab is a Lebanese fashion designer known for his elegance and glamour: he makes sure that all his fragrances emulate both. The brand’s signature orange blossom and patchouli notes are a nod to Saab’s Mediterranean roots and his love of flowers. Once you’ve added an Elie Saab fragrance to your perfume wardrobe, you’ll definitely want to start building your own collection.

Ready to start building your own collection of the best Elie Saab fragrances?

Le Parfum Elie Saab

Le Parfum Elie Saab is a fragrance that is perfect for special occasions. This gorgeous, sparkling scent blends white florals with a dash of honey and an underlying sweet woody scent. Every time you spray this irresistible scent, you will first feel the aromas of orange blossom, jasmine, bellflower and sapa flowers.

Girl Of Now Shine

The original Girl Of Now rose to fame when TALA founder Grace Beverly revealed it as her signature scent. If you’ve tried the original and want to branch out into the wider range, give Girl Of Now Shine a try. Fruity and sweet with an almond-filled finish, this is the perfect scent for spring and summer.

Le Parfum Elie Saab In White

Le Parfum Elie Saab In White is one of the brand’s most complex fragrances, blending multiple notes that each one performs slightly differently. First, you inhale its fruity and floral top notes. Then you’ll soak up its jasmine heart. Finally, after a few hours of use on your skin, you’ll fall in love with its white musk and amber base notes.

Le Parfum Royal

Want to smell expensive? Arguably, there is no better scent than a royal perfume. Somewhat unusual compared to the brand’s regular offerings, Le Parfum Royal has a citrus hue and woody aroma with a deep, empowering rose scent. Its gorgeous bottle deserves to be at the top of your dresser’s plate.

Girl Of Now Forever

Do you prefer subtle sweetness or creamy florals? If you answered “both”, you’re in luck: Girl Of Now Forever blends the two together in an impressively harmonious way. Another Elie Saab fragrance, with a beautiful bottle, Girl Of Now Forever is fresher, brighter, and more vibrant than its predecessor, making it a top choice for adding a youthful glow to your look.

Le Parfum Essentiel

What if you could only add one new Elie Saab fragrance to your collection? Blending its signature white floral scent with citrus freshness and woody base, this elegant and iconic fragrance can be used on any occasion, regardless of the season or time of day.

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