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Scent Rituals with Essential Oils and Essential Oils

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Increasingly, we are seeing a renewed interest in essential oils and essential oils as a way to spray perfumes. These beautiful scents make people feel calmer, more calming than simply spraying the scent and then rushing out the door, and are part of the aromatic ritual. Here’s why we think they’re popular, and what you need to know about essential oil edits……

According to Wikipedia, the words “attar”, “ittar”, or “itra” are thought to be derived from the Persian word itir, which means “perfume”, and is also thought to be derived from the Arabic word itr.
Essential oils are usually derived from plant sources, such as flowers, resins, woods, spices, etc. Most commonly, these oils are extracted by hydraulic or steam distillation using deg and bhapka arrangements. Many times, Attar composers would do co-distillation to get the desired effect.
Traditionally, these essential oils are “pulled” into sandalwood or other suitable carrier oils at the end of the distillation equipment. The resulting product is then separated from the flower water. The floating oil part is filtered into a separate container and left to rest for a few days. This oil ingredient is known as tar.

This style of perfume dates back to the 1500s and the Mughal emperors of India, but the use of oil as a carrier of aromatic ingredients goes back even further. These types of perfumes are at the extreme opposite end of the spectrum compared to those more obvious bottled shoulder pads or va-va-voom, party-ready perfumes (which, by the way, we still love and never be afraid!). Scents are perhaps more contemplative, calming, and provide moments of meditation close to the skin.

While the smell of essential oils/oils is strong and concentrated, you would be wrong to think that they would announce your presence 20 steps away. Perfumer Nancy Meiland says, “Attar perfume doesn’t have to be like eau de parfum to have a strong impact when it hits the skin. “Her GAIA Attar fragrance and the subsequent SOFIA Attar fragrance were a great success. “They tend to be worn tightly and blend with your skin in a warm ‘nose’ way that you pick up throughout the day. The diffusion of these scents is quiet, funny whispering, but also lasts longer. “They tend to fit snugly and blend with your skin, giving off a warm “nose” that you will feel throughout the day. ”

Nancy Mel & Gaia 2ml
Looking for other perfume oils and essential oils to enjoy the season? Try some gorgeous examples below: We’re sure you’ll be pleasantly surprised once you’ve discovered the joy of attars (and the unmistakable mood-enhancing powers). With prices ranging from affordable to great value for money, there’s something for everyone……
Malin & Goetz Dark Rum Perfume Oil 9ml
If your scent suddenly lacks depth, use this aromatic oil to add interest. An unexpected blend of spices bergamot and plum with “your skin but much better”, creamy leather base, warm amber notes, and then simmer for hours. The roll-on bottle makes it especially suitable for traveling (if you’re lucky enough!) or to replenish your scent on the go.
Ostens Rose Oil Isparta 50ml
Christopher Yu and Laurent Delafon were inspired by LMR Naturals’ incredible portfolio of natural products to create their Ostens collection. Eau de parfum can optionally be added with a “prep oil” (which we highly recommend) and you can enjoy it in layers or on its own. Each of the fragrances in the Ostens fragrance portfolio is gorgeous in its own right, but we have to say that when layered in this way, they become unparalleled divine.

Strangelove meltmyheart Perfume Oil Necklace

Strangelove – a creative trio of perfumer Christophe Laudamiel, supermodel Helena Christensen and nature expert Elizabeth Gaynes – puts thoroughly complex (and utterly addictive) essential oils at the heart of its collections. We highly recommend sniffing this hypnotic and delicious blend of oudwood, pungent citrus, pure ginger, magnetic sandalwood and luscious dark chocolate for a sensual scent ritual, this necklace pays homage to the traditional way of carrying a precious perfume on the body.

The price of LilaNur attars reflects the effort to carefully process the precious flowers immediately after harvest – they are placed in oil at the edge of the field where they are planted. It is advisable to apply it to the palm of your hand and inhale before applying, and honestly, it feels like a sacred experience – as if your feet are off the ground and the angels are singing. Purity and depth we’re not used to, a few drops will keep you energized throughout the day.

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